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If your commercial space needs include a layout with more than 25% office space for your industrial warehouse or a combination of research and development in an industrial park, there is a functional and cost effective alternative to building more office space at your own cost. Flex space is a unique category of commercial real estate that offers an above average percentage of general office amenities for administration, sales, research and technical applications. A flex space park can offer a multitude of units for lease or purchase that have a small percentage of office to an entire unit of office space built out at one half traditional corporate office space rates.

Los Angeles Flex Space For Sale

Flex space is a term commonly used for a commercial space that consists of a combination of office and warehouse in one facility. Los Angeles is rich in this product type and flex space is easily found in every major commercial district. True flex space includes features found in corporate office spaces, such as a showroom, lobby, break room, adequate open space for cubicles and window lined private offices that are not only functional, but also have better than average fixtures and finishes. Additionally, the inner walls of the offices can usually be moved and/or be built-to-suit at a lower cost than build-out in a corporate class space building, making Flex space great option for small or medium sized companies that need to grow fast and want to minimize moving costs. In addition, the space will also include some portion of warehouse that can accommodate manufacturing or distribution.

Flex Space in Los Angeles is a great option

Many multi-tenant parks are also defined as flex space and offer multiple units with varying percentages of office and warehouse space based on your needs. What makes flex space even more attractive in the market are the rates are generally closer to warehouse rates than office space rates. As a result, for many businesses, flex space has become the logical cost cutting solution instead of leasing both a warehouse and a separate office location and is an ideal choice to keep both functions under one roof.

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